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Sweet Shop Hire Isle of Wight

We are also pleased to offer an alternative ‘Sweet Buffett’ for your guests, either as your ‘Wedding Favour’ or for your evening guests to come and graze. We have three packages; A, B and C, and we can be booked just for the evening if you don’t need a wedding car.

What We Offer

We love being a part of people’s special moments, and we have consequently been to many Weddings and Events across the island, as well as locally in Portsmouth and Southampton.

Because we have a “sweet tooth”, we have always been tempted by pick’n’mix and we’re pleased to offer an alternative to the Candy Cart and can provide you with a ‘Sweet Buffett’ for your guests, to make your wedding day or special event unique.

How It Works

We like to open up our doors with a selection of old-fashioned sweets and modern favourites, we will serve your chosen selection of pick and mix to your guests, both young and old. Perhaps you like space dust and Flying Saucers!! Or something a bit chewier like blackjacks?

Choose your selection from our booking form and we will provide sweets as part of your wedding favours’ or just as a cracking addition to your day.

Our services come with friendly team members to look after your guests, throughout your occasion. Upon request, we may even perform simple magic tricks whilst your guests are picking their favourite sweets; a great way to keep the kids (and big kids) entertained while they queue.


Whether your special occasion is being held on the Isle of Wight or the Mainland, we are more than happy to be part of your celebrations, to add extra aura and splendour, which is just what you need to make your event very special.

Let us add the “special” in your special day!


There are three packages to choose from.

Package A £375 (60 – 75 guests)

Package B £435 (100 – 125)

Package C £495 (150 – 185)